Registry Office, Fitzroy Gardens, Docklands & Port Melb

Kim and Jamie were married in a mid week wedding at the Registry Office next to the City Museum in Spring Street in the City. After a casual yet emotional ceremony, we sauntered down through the Treasury Gardens, along with family and friends to set up for some formal family portraits, outside the Conservatorium in the Fitzroy Gardens. The Conservatorium was unfortunately closed as a new display was being set up. However, we took all the family portraits and from there, the three of us wandered around the gardens through the boundless photo opportunities that present themselves.

There is a spectacular row of ancient elm trees there with a rustic gravel pathway between that I can never pass by, given the opportunity. Late winter flowers were also blooming, with the feel of spring just around the corner. After about forty minutes, we decided to move on. Luckily, I had parked my car close by, so we hopped in and drove down to Docklands for some more shots. It was getting late in the day and with the sun getting low in the sky, Docklands allows great vistas of the city skyline, with the sun in a flattering position for a combination of portraiture and landscape photography – often called illustrative photography.

I love Docklands in the afternoon, with the water, boats, architecture and cityscape. During the week it is relatively quiet, so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. I have to give a plug to the guy that runs the Gelati shop on the causeway called Limonettis. I was parched and stopped in for a drink. Upon seeing the newlyweds, he promptly made a delicious triple decker gelati for Kim and Jamie, so I had a moral obligation to shoot them outside his shop. The chill in the air was multiplying, so we headed back to the open fire at their reception venue – Waterfront in Port Melbourne, next to the Spirit of Tasmania ferry terminal.

Waterfront has a great contemporary feel and we got some lovely candid shots under dusk and candlelight before the guests arrived for an intimate wedding dinner – and my eventual departure. Kim and Jamie were the ultimate wedding couple… relaxed, confident and happy. We had a lovely day together. I have uploaded some of my favourite shots during the three hours we spent together.