Newborn Baby Photos

Baden James Forester Morton was shot with natural window light at 12 days old. We prefer to utilise natural window light with a reflector for shooting babies, as it protects a newborn baby’s eyes from startling flash heads. This helps to keep baby relaxed and calm for longer periods.

Baby photography is all about timing – like most other photographic subjects. I used two lenses for the shoot. Firstly my new lens – an 85mm f1.2L and a 100mm 2.8 macro lens for close ups of hands and feet. I believe newborn baby photographs also benefit from the simplicity of black and white treatments. Baby skin is often very blotchy when newborn and removing colour smooths the skin for a cleaner portrait.

I am happy to travel anywhere in Melbourne for newborn baby sessions during the day – just call me on 03 9416 5404 to discuss options